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Tulips and Windmills of the Netherlands

The Netherlands, it may be a small country, but it’s packed with world-famous icons. When you think of the destination, you probably think of tulips, windmills, and cheese. And you’ll remember Vincent van Gogh, Bosch, and other Dutch masters who made a huge impact in the arts and culture of the Netherlands.

It is a great place to visit year-round, with its glut of historic, walkable, and, not least, beautiful cities with the centuries-old city, cathedrals as main landmarks, the amazing canals, and their wharf cellars, to natural forest and rich wildlife, and of course, the beach experiences.

The country is also known for its “typically Dutch” foodstuffs to taste significantly different from other specialties in other countries. Dutch coffee and chocolate is a delight and called “soul food”, and Belgian chocolate and Italian coffees are considered to be delicacies.

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The Netherlands is great to visit throughout the year, with every season bringing its own particular charm.

In spring (April-June), the tulip fields are blooming – visiting Keukenhof is a must. In summer (July-September), enjoy the sea, sand, and sun at one of the endless beaches along the Dutch coast. Autumn (October-December) is a great time for a city trip or to discover one of Holland’s beautiful nature parks. And in winter (January-March), drink plenty of hot chocolate and visit the Christmas markets – and don’t forget to go ice-skating.


Image by Yanko Peyankov

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