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7 Things You Should Remember: Avoid Doing Things While Traveling To Dubai

It would help if you did not do things while traveling to Dubai with your Dubai Tourist Visa

The explanation is that before toilet paper, toilets, and flush water were invented, your left hand was utilized to tidy up in nations like Dubai, India, and others.

Consequently, it is still seen as filthy today, regardless of how clean the left hand is. Yet, using the left hand to sip is OK. As a result, if you’re left-handed, you should endeavour to be as versatile as possible in public to prevent offending others and to draw their ire.

1.    Avoid discussing either religion or politics publicly.

Persons with varied ideas and cultures get along quite fine.

Dubai is such an exciting area to work and live in because of the friendliness and compassion of the people there. Public expressions of opinion are prohibited in Dubai since this compassion does not apply to them. Talking poorly of politics, religion, or even other individuals publicly will be considered directly insulting them.

This has not only been disapproved of by the authorities. Suppose anyone with or without a Dubai visa disrespects their regulation, religion and culture. A lawsuit won’t cost you much money, despite of whether you choose to file one.

If found guilty, you may receive a prison sentence. Refuse to discuss politics, religion, or persons in front of others.

2.    Do Not Forget to Visit the Popular Locations

Burj Khalifa, Bur Dubai, The Burj-Al-Arab, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Fountain are just a few examples of popular locations in Dubai. Due to its outstanding offerings, this glittering metropolis has elevated its status as a top tourist destination. You can approach your Travel Agency for a guide who can help you and tell you what essential things you should carry and which not. A Dubai Tourist visa is necessary, but you should avoid taking drugs and medicines. When you are in Dubai, it stands to reason to maximize your time by viewing all its must-see attractions.

Dubai is the city of dreams for everyone who wants to enjoy an unforgettable vacation, from its upscale shopping to its world-class hotels, manufactured beaches, and energetic nightclubs.

Once you’ve visited all the must-see attractions in Dubai, a full-day visit to Abu Dhabi’s city centre will be on its way to you through Dubai.

3.    Avoid gorging during Ramadan

Mainly during Ramadan, you should refrain from smoking, drinking, and eating publicly in Dubai.

Since it is a Muslim city and Ramadan represents one of the holiest months with significant significance in Islam, it is forbidden to smoke or consume alcohol from daylight till nightfall. It would help if you didn’t even eat or chew bubblegum in a public place. The hotel includes designated private spaces where you can eat.

Pregnant women and children may eat, but they must take care not to upset anyone.

4.    Never extend your left hand when greeting someone’s hand

Regardless of whether you’re left-handed, use your right hand to shake hands with those around you while in Dubai.

Neither open a window for someone else nor offer food with your left hand. The primary reason behind this is that the left hand is intended for draining water, including using toilet paper. We advise being ambidextrous when you are left-handed.

However, you can continue to drink water with your left hand.

5.    Don’t Wear Inappropriate Clothing

Women must dress appropriately in public spaces, including shopping centres, beaches, mosques, and theatres.

Even though Dubai is very well renowned for its hi-fi attire, however, women are still not permitted to dress skimpily or in revealing outfits, such as skirts. You’ll be more at ease in a hot climate if you dress in loose clothing. In Dubai, wearing inappropriate apparel might result in a fine.

Therefore, to make the best use of the trip to Dubai, prepare your suitcases with loose-fitting, modest clothing.

6.    Never drink alcohol in front of others

Yes, we are aware that Dubai is indeed a fun place. One of your favourite vacation activities is to relax and drink beer from a can.

Yet, it is prohibited to consume alcohol in public areas of Dubai. It is illegal and punishable by imprisonment. The only places to celebrate in Dubai during a fantastic trip are bars and other private residences.

7.    Do not use rude hand gestures

Dubai revolves around joy and excitement, especially while driving.

Your hand motions are the one thing you must be aware of if you’re enjoying a sports car trip or touring this picturesque city to learn about its culture. When moving around Dubai, resist alerting drivers or any nearby pedestrians. Avoid using rude hand gestures such as sticking your middle finger even if something during the visit irritates you.


Avoid allowing the regulations sour your festive cheer.

Travel to Dubai, we promise! It’s quite an enjoyable and tranquil city that warmly welcomes visitors. All you have to do is follow the rules and respect other people’s laws and faith. So pack your Dubai Visa, clothes, and essential things, not medicines or drugs.

Talk to your travel agency and ask for a guide who can help you with your Dubai tour and let you know their rules and regulation.


1.    Can single couples travel to Dubai?

Unmarried people can travel to Dubai, yes. Married people nowadays can travel and live together in Dubai thanks to recent legislation. This modification has brought a lot of relief to the upscale hotels that cater to tourists.

2.    Is it secure to go alone to Dubai?

A safer destination for lone travellers in Dubai. Everyone can visit Dubai safely, thanks to the city’s safety laws and guidelines. Make sure you always have your Dubai visa with you.

3.    Can I dress in shorts in Dubai?

You aren’t permitted to wear shorts in Dubai while touring the holy sites. You can dress comfortably in shorts while exploring the Dubai Mall, dining lavishly at Burj Al Arab, or relaxing in a lounge.

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