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7 Tourists Destinations in Dubai: You Must Include in Your Dubai Holiday Packages

Dubai, the leisure capital of the world, doesn’t require an explanation for the millions of visitors it receives each year! Dubai is renowned for its extravagant lifestyle, unique and intriguing culture, and excellent vantage points from which to admire the magnificent skylines. This suggests that you will have a wide variety of tourist sites to pick from on your upcoming vacation to Dubai.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, tall buildings, expansive malls, opulent hotels, distinctive museums, and exotic zoos, among other things.

We’ve listed some of the trendiest attractions in Dubai tours for you to check out. Dubai is a beautiful illustration of what perseverance and hard effort can do for a city. From serving as a port to evolving into one of the most visited destinations worldwide, it has gone a long way.

On your upcoming holiday, you can see Dubai’s many attractions. Please continue reading to learn more about the beautiful places to visit in Dubai and to view images of them.

7 Tourists Places: You Must Include in Your Dubai Holiday Packages

Several breathtaking sites in Dubai should make your trip unforgettable. Following is a list of the top attractions in Dubai tours that you shouldn’t forget to check out while you’re there. To learn more, drop down and keep reading!

1. Burj Khalifa

Should we go into more detail?

The iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper is one of every visitor’s top Dubai tourist attractions. The 124th floor’s breathtaking bird’s-eye views, which include the deserts solely on a single side and the azure ocean on another, are an unforgettable experience. You must visit this location, which is included among Dubai’s top tourist attractions if you are visiting Dubai.

Even in your cheapest holiday packages in Dubai, you’ll find Burj Khalifa at the top of the list.

Advice: Don’t consider the Dubai tours complete unless you have seen the City Place upward!

You can visit daily 8:30 AM-1 AM.

Entry Fees: For kids: aged 4-12 years is 95AED (Children under 4 are free), and for adults.


2. Burj Al Arab

The top attraction in Dubai tours is Burj Al Arab.

It holds various records, including being the fourth-tallest hotel and one of the costly 7-star hotels. The Burj Al Arab provides a wide range of experiences for discovering Dubai sights and is exquisitely lit up at night by coordinated lights. Great if you can organise your finances for this, though; photographers and the exceptionally wealthy.

What’s Unique? The most beautiful sights of such Palm Jumeriah may be seen at the Skyview bar on the 27th floor.

You can visit 12 PM – 6 PM


3. Jumeirah Beach

In Dubai, Jumeirah Beach is one of the most well-liked destinations and is perfect for all tourists.

Every beach bum and admirer of sunsets should visit this beach. The beach’s world-class amenities and stunning sunset sights make for such an ideal vacation spot. Exotic hotels are scattered along the road that leads to the beach.

Another must-visit tourist destination listed on your holiday packages.

You can visit in the morning from 7:30 to 10 at night.


4. Mall Of The Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates, which houses practically something under one roof, is currently ranked four on the list of the most fantastic tourist attractions in Dubai.

Be it the diverse selection of brands, the delicious international cuisine, or the posh Dubai Ski, which has a stunning ski setting and a penguin habitat at a chilly -4 degrees Celsius. The Mall of Emirates should be among your top picks for Dubai’s tourist attractions.

All Dubai tours and business tours must include the Mall of Emirates in your holiday packages.

You can visit Sat-Wed in the morning 10 to midnight 1 and Thu-Fri from morning 10 to midnight 2.


5. Dubai Mall

This mall caters to shoppers who are guaranteed to be overwhelmed with options. Additionally, it is well known for its retail extravaganzas, such as the “Dubai Summer Surprises.” The Dubai Mall, among the top tourist destinations in Dubai, has the very following amenities:

  • A movie theatre
  • A gambling area
  • An ice-skating rink
  • An entrance to that same Burj Khalifa

It also includes the renowned Dubai Aquarium. Within that mall, one can buy presents for loved ones back home or browse the jewellery section. There are countless options. Unquestionably one of the top destinations in Dubai tours seems to be the Dubai Mall.

You can visit between 9 in the morning to 10:30 the night.


6. Sheikh Saeed Al

Without stopping by Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s home, which is home to the Dubai Museum of Historical Pictures and Records, which provides an insight into Dubai’s past, touring in Dubai would be incomplete. The residence is the pinnacle of Arabic construction, with a magnificent design and opulent interiors.

Entry: Adults 2AED and kids 1AED

You can visit between Sat-Thu 8:30 AM-8:30 PM and Fri 3–8:30 PM.


7. Wild Wadi

In front of the Burj Khalifa is the well-known amusement park Wild Wadi, which offers entertaining rides of over 25 varieties. The Arabian mythology over which Wild Wadi is centred can be learned while having fun with your family. This unquestionably doubles as one of the top places to visit in Dubai in 2022.

You can visit September and October: 10 AM – 7 PM; March to May: 10 AM – 7 PM; November to February: 10 AM – 6 PM; and June to August: 10 AM – 8 PM.

Everyone from the most laid-back traveller will have a good time in Dubai!

Contact your travel agency and explore their cheapest holiday packages in Dubai. You’ll find the best holiday packages for yourself. There are so many unique and thrilling tourist places to discover in this fantastic location in the United Arab Emirates. You can imagine how lovely your vacation might come out (UAE). Decide to visit Dubai as quickly as you can.

Don’t forget to take your family members to these Dubai tourist attractions!

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