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What should I check before travelling to Dubai?


When I personally travel, I’ve done a lot of research on the destination that I wanted to visit. In that way, it will give me the freedom on what to do, when I reach the place, and knows the in’s and out’s of the city.

But hey, this time, we are heading to Dubai. The city of dreams!

So, the question is, what should you check before traveling to Dubai?

Here are my five (5) recommendations!

  1.  CHECK THE SEASON WHEN YOU ARE TRAVELLING – Yes, this matters the most. During summertime, prices are way cheaper in everything. You can gather a lot of things with your money. From the hotel stay, tours and excursions, rentals and etc. During the winter months, prices are higher. But there are hotels offering good value of money and not sacrificing the quality of service.
  2. TRAVEL CHEAPLY DURING THE RAMADAN MONTH – We have the summer months already that are cheap. Now, it will get way cheaper during the Ramadan period. There are special offers, free nights stay, get 1 free, and so on that are widely available during this time. And most importantly, always show respect when traveling during the holy month of Ramadan.
  3. OF COURSE, CHECK YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS – Never ever travel to any country when your passport is below 6 months validity. It will give you hassle and stress. Check the country of destination if you need a visa. Try reading UAE Visa Services to get more information about Dubai Visa processing. Plan ahead!
  4. ALWAYS RESPECT THE CULTURE AND TRADITION OF THE COUNTRY – Dubai is already a different home comparing to your place. Modesty is a must.  Locals and residents are peace-loving people, friendly, helpful, and always smiling. Show them that where you are coming from, love always wins!
  5. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, GET DIRHAMS WHEN YOU ARRIVE – Dubai is a country of advanced technology and always on trend with other countries, in terms of shopping and purchase. Though major credit cards are accepted in all establishments in Dubai, it is always handy to have some dirhams in your pocket. Try to live like a local. It’s fun.

Bear in mind that Dubai is a city of the United Arab Emirates and is a Muslim country. It will be your second home. A great place to stay, enjoy, do the shopping and connect with your friends.

It is a magical destination.

And it is always Dubai!



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