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Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa Online for Indians


Renowned for its cutting-edge architecture, exciting nightlife, ultra-luxurious shopping, and first-rate tourist attractions.

Among the tourist hotspots in the globe is Dubai, or UAE. This comprehensive guide to obtaining a Dubai visa is exactly what you need if you intend to visit this lovely location soon. A Dubai/UAE tourist visa is simple to apply for, thanks to the beneficial e-visa process.

Getting a visa to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates for Indian nationals has suddenly become much more accessible.

Visa Types of UAE Tourist Visa

The UAE government grants various types of UAE tourist visas for Indians. The following is a discussion of the many types of UAE tourist visas available to Indian nationals:

  1. Travelers who plan to stay there in a nation once not longer than 48 hours can obtain a 48-hour visa. This UAE visa includes a two-day maximum stay restriction and a 30-day validity period beginning when it is issued.
  2. Four or fewer days can be spent in the nation with a 96-hour visa, which allows entry. This kind of visa has a 30-day validity window, similar to a 48-hour pass.
  3. The validity of such a UAE visa is 14 days, beginning when it is granted. Most visitors to the country seek this type of visa, although it has a drawback. This sort of visa drawback is that it cannot be extended.
  4. This visa is valid for 58 days beginning here on the publication date. An adult may stay in the nation for 30 days straight, thanks to two extensions every 30 days.
  5. This 90-day Visiting Visa is ideal if the traveler intends to reside in the country for a more extended time. A UAE visa known as the “Short Term Trip Single Entry – Tourist” can be obtained twice within 1 month. Its validity term is 58 days.
  6. If someone obtains this visa, they are permitted to go to the country more than once while it is valid. The 58-day visa may be expanded twice for 30 days each by submitting the necessary payments. The person may live in the nation for 30 days with a visa aid. Significantly, the key can permanently be cancelled once used until after its validity has ended.
  7. The 90-day duration of the Multi-Entry Long-Term Visa can be renewed twice for another 30 days. A person can enter the nation several times within the visa’s time frame and remain there for up to 90 days at a time.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Visa

  • A duplicate of your visa process for Dubai was correctly filled and signed.
  • passport-sized picture of yours
  • at least six months old passport
  • Information about your travel plans.
  • Copy of the tour ticket.
  • Booking confirmations for flights and hotels.
  • A formal letter that includes all the necessary information about your journey.
  • Address validation
  • A six-month financial statement demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your visit
  • Your sponsors, who might be family members or friends residing in Dubai, will write you a letter.

Ensure you comply with the visa requirements, complete the online application, submit the needed paperwork, and pay the appropriate costs before applying for a Dubai visa.

You have 2 months beforehand your intended departure date to apply for a visit visa.


Qualifications for a UAE visa

  • On being approved for a visa, applicants who wish to travel toward the UAE must fulfill specific qualifications, a travel history
  • Accounting history.
  • Request from individuals of the direct family with a UAE family background.

How do I make a visa application to the UAE?

A tourist Dubai visa form must be delivered to the officials at the consulate office or Embassy, together with all required supporting documentation and the required payments, to qualify for a UAE visa.

UAE Visa Conditions

The following is a list of the Indian documentation candidates must submit when obtaining a UAE visa:

  • A verbal initially from the pertinent state visit.
  • A coloured replica of the passport’s expiration date, identity page, personal information, and cover page.
  • One coloured passport picture.

Processing of UAE visa applications

The applicant may monitor the application’s progress after submitting it to the competent authorities with the required paperwork and fees. The return label is given to them when the application has been submitted, and the passport expiration date can be employed to accomplish this. The above list of various types of UAE tourist visas will make your work easy to find an appropriate type of visa for yourself.


1. What must I do to enlarge my visitor visa?

A visit visa is typically valid for a length of time between 30 and 60 days. The candidate can contact the government directly and apply if the Dubai visa has to be renewed.

2. If my passport expires, am I still eligible for a visa?

Your passport should be valid six months before your journey to the UAE to obtain a visa.

3. How can I learn the reason my visa was rejected?

No, the officials don’t give a reason for rejecting the visa application.

4. Do I require a visa to tour the UAE for business?

Yes, you must obtain a visa even when visiting the UAE professionally.

5. What else would happen if I stayed longer than allowed by my visa?

If you continue to reside in the nation after the visa’s duration has passed, you risk facing severe punishment. Additionally, you can finally be denied entry to the country.

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