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UAE Visa Extension or Renewal? What’s the difference?


Currently, UAE Immigration is offering 30 days and 90 days visa (aside from the transit and service visa) for tourists who wish to come to the country. The processing of the visa will take mostly 2-4 working days. If there will be an additional document required to finish the application, approximately 1-2 days more are needed to get the visa approval.

Visa Approval is always the decision of the UAE Immigration Officials and not the travel organization or a specific travel agency.

Both visas (30 & 90 Days) are eligible for extension and renewal.



Visa EXTENSION is a kind of UAE Visa Processing that can be done twice only, 30 days per extension. The sponsor of the current visa is the only one who can do this procedure. If your sponsor is Company A, then Company B or C cannot do the visa extension.

Visa RENEWAL refers to the VISA CHANGE procedure. As of writing, due to the pandemic situation, the UAE Immigration is offering INSIDE THE COUNTRY – VISA CHANGE only. On this processing, there is no need for the passenger to go out of UAE. He/She just needs to stay at home and wait for the visa approval. Visa Change can be done for 30 days & 90 days visa. Any travel organization or company can do this application, restriction of the visa sponsor is not applicable.



For both extension and visa renewal or visa change, a grace period of 10 days is added to the stay once the visa will get approved. However, UAE Immigration has the right to take out the grace period, any time without prior notice.



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