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Dubai 96 Hours Transit Visa



Exploring Dubai while on stopover? Yes, it’s possible.

Please apply in advance, at least 10 days before your arrival. The transit visa is not extendable, nor renewable. You must leave UAE within the allotted time of stay.


  • Passport copy (clear, colored)
  • Recent 2×2/passport size photo (with white background)
  • Confirmed Ticket transiting from Dubai to another destination
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation


Special Notes

  1. The 96 hours visa is valid for arrival and departure at Dubai Airport only.
  2. Passengers must have a valid passport, at least 6 months during the travel.
  3. Air Ticket should not go back to the original departing city where the passenger came from. 
  4. The passenger needs to be in transit in Dubai for up to 96 hours only.
  5. Processing of the visa will take 3-5 working days.


Call: +971 4 4473839

Email: info@southtravels.com



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