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Thinking of Going to a Ski Destination

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SKIING is not for everybody.

But with great interest and practice, you’ll discover that it’s totally fun!

As adventurous as we are, with what the saying tells us “You Only Live Once”, it’s always been on the wish list for every traveler around the world – to SKI, at least on the beginners’ side. The love for thrill and excitement, fun and adrenaline rush makes everyone unite together and have dared our guts, not just to love snow, but to love the sport within it.

But first, let us know where does Skiing originates?

In way prehistory era, hunters and trappers used skis at least 5000 years ago. They have used skis covered with fur that worked like modern climbing skins. As the glaciers retreated, Stone Age hunters followed reindeer and elk herds from central Asia’s Altai region, moving to the northwest and northeast, just to get the catch for their families. During their free time, they used the ski for their recreational activity and as a sport, and since then, it became the most practiced in snow-covered regions worldwide.


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So, are you now thinking about how to finalize your first ski experience?

But wait; let’s just prepare the things that you need to do the activity.

  • Buy a Travel Insurance with Adventure Sport Extension
    Always and always be prepared. There are insurance policies that cover winter & water sports, safari, and trekking – take this one! This policy will provide you a cover for emergency medical expenses, in case of accidents or any risk during your trip, and some include ski equipment and much more.
  • Be smart – Borrow or Rent your Ski Kit.
    Skiing has always this notion that it’s expensive. But being smart which relatively you are not using the whole year round, then equip yourself on kit according to your budget. Keywords – BORROW or RENT! If you are going extreme with Skiing, then splurge down to new and durable equipment.
  • Do not forget your Ski Thermals & Base Layer
    Make sure that you have thermals or base layers on your clothing, as these will not only regulate your temperature, keep you warm and your muscles limber but will also keep chafing at bay to provide comfort.
  • Avail Ski Club membership cards – avail membership offers in order to get further discounts and extra benefits. It will make you part of the team somehow and has the privilege of being an important guest.
  • Learning the Ropes – if you are a first-timer, act as a beginner even if you have read and research a lot of information about the how-to-ski. Listen attentively and learn from your instructors. Always remember the do’s and don’ts; it will help you as you learn the techniques along the way.
  • Practice makes perfect – you will not become an expert after a one-time turn at the ski. If you are planning to return, practice and practice, step by step until you master the art of the sport. Who knows, you might become an Olympian if it’s not too late.
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