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Top Things to do in Boracay


Be extra Romantic on Sunrise/Sunset with your loved ones – there is something magical in watching the sun sets and rises again over the clouds. And that feeling could be more enticed if doing it with the love of your life, making it more romantic while being awed with the never-ending beach line. Feel free to pick your best spot!

Photo by Deedee Geli

Enjoy a Boat Trip – This is the best and great way to enjoy the waves and view of the island. An unhurried trip around the island by an outrigger boat can be arranged at a minimal fee. The sailors are skillful in the craft which makes you feel safe and comfortable, all day long.

Photo by RJ Baculo

Indulge in Local Food – enjoy the most of your stay on the island by savoring local and traditional Filipino dishes. To start, you have to try “street foods” on BBQ sticks, eat Balut (famous fertilized egg), and the chorizo burgers. Plates of seafood are abundant, so don’t worry, you’ll get enough of it. And end your food trip with the island’s fresh local fruits to replenish your thirst!

Boodle Fight at Discovery Shores Boracay

Snorkeling, anyone? – The island has almost perfect snorkeling spots, especially in the north-east past. But beware of the strong currents that can often be encountered on the east coast of Boracay. Laurel bay offers a unique attraction for snorkelers. Enjoy swimming at the same time.

Photo from My Boracay Guide

Relax and do Wellness Staycation – The art of “hilot” (ancient Filipino art of healing) is being offered by spas and hotels on the island. Or you call it “massage” which is relatively cheap and it’s a perfect activity to end your day after all of those adventures on the islands. Or try the “Kawa” relaxation treatment, where you will be literally soaked on pot bathing with firewood’s crackling under it. The water is mixed with indigenous herbs to calm your body.




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